Voices from Sustaining Futures

Voices from Sustaining Futures

Sustaining Futures: The Need for Community in Practice

Community can be a powerful insulator against the effects of burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. Hear from some of our participants on their experience as part of the Sustaining Futures community.

Speakers: Kirk “Jae” James, Tory Eagles, & Bryan Hirayama

Reckoning with the Realities, Trauma, and Deprivation of Teaching in a Prison Environment

Faculty and staff often encounter unexpected challenges and obstacles when teaching in prison, whether it be from the prison itself or from their own programs. Without adequate supports and resources in place, it can wear on the individual’s wellbeing over time.

Speakers: Mariko Peshon McGarry, Peter Fulks, Bryan Hirayama

Education’s Humanizing Effect

While the punitive nature of prisons results in an environment that dehumanizes and deprives those who are incarcerated, educators in prisons are able to empower their students and build their confidence.

Speakers: Jacklyn Kessler, Bryan Hirayama, Kirk “Jae” James

The Restorative Power of Community

The faculty and staff already had a strong commitment to teaching in prison. But the relationships and sense of belonging built as a result of their participation in Sustaining Futures continued to empower and strengthen their commitment.

Speakers: Bryan Hirayama, Patrice Milkovich

Wellness in Practice

The sustainability of these programs are related to how an individual prioritizes their own wellness. Without practicing wellness, the effects of burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue can lead to poor program outcomes and faculty turnover.

Speakers: Peter Fulks, Kirk “Jae” James

Lessons Learned: Building Our Own Internal Resilience

Resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary! Hear from our participants on how they were able to distribute and share responsibilities with each other and build a community of practice.

Speakers: Bryan Hirayama, Peter Fulks, Patrice Milkovich

Sharing Our Experiences: Advice For Future Educators

Despite all the challenges and obstacles, teaching in prison is a rewarding experience. Hear from some of our participants on what has been helpful for them to begin and continue this work.

Speakers: Patrice Milkovich, Dr. Damany Fisher, Kirk “Jae” James