Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


Over the course of the project, the Sustaining Futures Resource Team facilitated several webinars that provided foundational information on trauma and resilience, as well as provided best practices that support trauma-informed and resilience-building values.

The Organizational Decision Guide

The Organizational Decision Guide (ODG) is a practical tool that helps teams evaluate their correctional education program in terms of trauma-informed and resilience-building values.

After assessing their educational programs using the ODG, each Core Implementation Team (CIT) identified change goals where they can make the most meaningful and practical impact.

  • Goal 1: Increase faculty and staff understanding of the impact of trauma and resilience on an incarcerated students’ academic performance
  • Goal 2: For faculty and staff working with incarcerated students, increase their understanding of and ability to address the factors that contribute to their own personal wellness, professional success, and job satisfaction
  • Goal 3: Increasing faculty and staff skills in implementing trauma-informed and resiliency-supporting educational practices for incarcerated students

Beyond Sustaining Futures:

Module Development for the California Community Colleges’ Chancellor’s Office

Teaching in correctional settings can be challenging and intimidating. To address these concerns, the Chancellor’s Office for California Community Colleges’ developed several modules to prepare educators when entering facilities and interacting with students.

As part of the Sustaining Futures project, the NYU McSilver team also developed content for one of the Chancellor’s Office’s modules. This essential module will provide foundational information on trauma and resilience, how to recognize common trauma responses among students, and strategies for classroom management.

Visit the Chancellor’s Office for California Community Colleges Website